The world's first augmented reality home shopping broadcast
October 21, 2019

The world's first augmented reality home shopping broadcast is live since fall 2019 in South Korea: U+ AR Shopping (U+ AR쇼핑) . Together with our strategic partner LG Uplus, the leading 5G service provider in Korea, we bring the shopping mall to the homes and drive higher conversion rates and lower return rates through the use of AR.

Starting with two of the largest home shopping channels, GS Home Shopping and Home & Shopping, you have access to an augmented reality shopping interface to get better product visualization such as detailed 3D scans with the possibility of virtual placement of the items in your real environment during the live broadcast. And, if you like it, you can purchase any item straight from the screen with your phone.


The underlying Live TV platform can find and track any TV or video screen in the room, recognizes the content, and performs the time synchronization, which enables you to discover the displayed product within a fraction of seconds.


- Originally published at Oct 21, 2019.