GCV Emerging Leaders 2022: Anshul Agarwal
Fernando Moncada Rivera, February 10, 2022
Top 50 Emerging Leaders 2022 (in alphabetical order by CVC unit): Anshul Agarwal, managing director, LG Technology Ventures

Anshul Agarwal is a founding member of LG Technology Ventures (LGTV), a corporate venturing subsidiary of South Korea-listed electronics manufacturer LG that manages funds totalling over $450m and invests globally in early to growth-stage tech startups.

Regarding his role, Agarwal said: “As managing director, I lead the full lifecycle of investments across various verticals and contribute to the firm’s strategy, decision-making and operations.”

On what attracted him to corporate venture capital (CVC), he said: “CVC provides an opportunity to drive business synergies between my portfolio companies and our [limited partners]. We can deliver additional value beyond just the capital.”

Prior to joining LGTV in 2018, Agarwal worked in investments and business development for conglomerate Mitsui since 2013, where he focused on data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, mobility and internet-of-things deals, among others.

“CVC has allowed me to take longer-term bets and invest in freshly emerging areas before they start becoming mainstream. Well-structured CVCs can stay ahead of the market by leveraging strategic insights gleaned from interactions with the parent corporation,” he added.

Don-Su Kim, chief executive of LG Technology Ventures, said: “Anshul was already an accomplished corporate venture capitalist when he joined LG Technology Ventures and he continued to shine afterwards.

“He leveraged his technical expertise in software and contents to lead a large number of superb deals such and Deep Instinct, Aurora Labs, May Mobility, Claroty and Wave. I expect his portfolio to continue to increase in value and eventually exit at very high multiples. Anshul also works well with our business units in Korea, navigating the cultural differences masterfully.”


- Originally published at February 10, 2022.