Jadu Raises $36M for Web3's Definitive AR Platform
Jadu, June 21, 2022

We share this news with a deep sense of gratitude to the Jadu community. Without your consistent support and trust, our team’s rapid growth would not be possible. We have now raised a combined $45M+ to accelerate our work towards building Web3's definitive AR gaming platform. These new funds along with the success of our NFT collections give us a form of confidence and momentum that not many AR startups have ever really had.


The Investors

This financing was led by Bain Capital Crypto. Ever since our very first calls with Alex, Stefan and Lydia we knew we had found a partner that had the same visceral reaction to our vision that our team and community have. They have already proven to be a phenomenal support, strong in conviction, aligned in vision and thorough in communication.

“We were blown away by the ingenuity of the Jadu team, the immersive AR gameplay, rich narrative around the Mirrorverse and devoted community. We’re excited to back this special project as they bring AR to the center of the Web3 conversation.” — Lydia Hylton, Bain Capital Crypto


The Dream

We believe strongly that Augmented Reality is a new medium of expression that requires radical new tools of capturing and distributing value to reach sustained mainstream success. Web3 is providing us with these tools.

We are building a new form of Augmented Reality gaming platform that puts Web3 avatars and identities at the center of the gameplay. The Jadu App, which will be emerging out of TestFlight beta this summer, allows players to connect their Ethereum wallet and access AR gameplay for their favorite NFT avatar.

Right from launch, Jadu will be supporting 3D playable avatars from collections like Deadfellaz, CyberKongz, FLUFs, VOIDs, ChibiApes and Meebits. Various Sandbox avatars will also be supported and the team will be adding dozens of other collections this summer.

These avatars will be participating in a rich narrative driven game world that Jadu’s global team of 50+ engineers and creatives is building.


The Keys

Jadu is a grand Augmented Reality powered exploration in community, long form storytelling, governance, value exchange and speculative future worlds that would not have been possible at any other time in human history.

Our two NFT collections Jadu Jetpacks & Hoverboards are not only playable items in our game world, but also keys to a front row seat on this exploration. This summer we will be releasing Jadu’s very own avatars called AVAs. All Jadu Jetpacks will be airdropped an AVA for free while all Hoverboards will be on the Presale List.


Imaage for Jetpacks


Designed to allow your avatar to fly in AR, Jetpacks were a rare instance of an NFT game object showcasing true interoperability and permissionlessness. Today this simple 3D Jetpack represents the cutting edge of AR and Web3. It provides its holders a front row seat to the making of the Mirrorverse.



image for hoverboards


Our sophomore collection took things to the next level with Jadu's AR features showcased for presale allocations, unboxings and gameplay. This is a richly varied collection including collaborations with Grimes, Lewis Hamilton, Snoop Dogg, Trippy & Mimi. It serves as a perfect entry key to Mirrorverse.




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